Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Not your Ordinary Apple!!!

As a kid I have always loved apples and going to the apple orchard so when I got the opportunity to take a class to create gourmet caramel apples I jumped at the chance...How could I not allow myself to indulge after all it included three of my most favorite things to eat!

  1. Chocolate

  2. Caramel

  3. Double dipped Chocolate

I made these double dipped chocolate apples with caramel some with peanuts, cashews some swirled with white chocolate whatever my heart desire that is what I made for my 2007 Family and Friends Holiday Gathering and I must say they were a huge hit now this is not a project you would start the night before let me suggest at least a week each apple weigh at least two pounds .... So what if you pack on a couple of Holiday pounds that is what News Years Resolutions are for so go get those apples and indulge!!!! Yummy!!!

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