Thursday, April 16, 2009

This is why they call it Table Top WOW !!....

Last night I attended the National Association of Catering Executives also known as Nace annual Table Top Wow Competition. The meeting was heldat one of Detroit's finest gems... The Historic Book Cadillac which originally opened in 1924 the Book Cadillac has undergone a $200 million dollar restoration and re-opened it's doors in October 2008.....
Last night was made a little more special as Nace made a donation to the Lighthouse of Oakland County the Lighthouse provide services for families who are in need of food,clothing,furniture etc. I know first hand how important the services are that they provide in 2005 following Hurricane Katrina many of my close relatives were displaced and lost everything. With the services of the Light house and Red Cross my family members were able to get their lives back on track although it will never be the same as pre Katrina the services they provide was a GREAT help that was appreciated by not only my family but all the families of all of those who were in desperate need of help.

I was fortunate to meet a wonderful woman named Judith as we spoke and talked about the wedding industry and how amazed we both were by the beautiful tables and talents of all of the designers I learned she was actually the Executive Director of the Lighthouse so I was able to personally thank Ms. Robinson for the help that they provided and I was also able to give her an update of how the family they helped were doing she was excited to learn that they had indeed been there for my family and that we were meeting she will be traveling to New Orleans within a couple of weeks I know she will have a wonderful time and eat some fabulous food!!

Enjoy the pictures and I am sure you can figure out which one was my favorite

Now you know why they call it Table Top WOW!!

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