Thursday, July 9, 2009

ABC Meeting and WPI Students

Last night was the monthly Association of Bridal Consultants meeting so I thought it would be a good idea to invite the students from my class so they could get the opportunity to attend an industry networking and educational meeting as well as meet seasoned industry professionals. The Meeting was held at MPE Event Production Inc. the educational program: “Different Brides, Different Budgets” Presented by Mark Ephraim of MPE Events and their staff they discussed working with brides with different budgets and they types of things you can do to decorate your venue from low end budgets to high end budgets.
I received emails from the students this morning stating that they "Loved the meeting and did not know that these types of meeting existed "and we all enjoyed the Shutterbooth!!
Students pictured: Kathy,Evelyn,Sima and Pia also pictured centered Nita of Nita's Eloquents Creations and myself.
Nita and I having a little more fun inside the Shutterbooth!

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