Saturday, August 29, 2009

Top 10 reasons I Love Detroit

  1. I was born in Detroit

  2. Better Maid Potato Chips made in Detroit

  3. Faygo Pop Made in Detroit

  4. Belle Ilse (Beautiful Island) located in Detroit on Detroit's beautiful shoreline

  5. International Fireworks the last Wednesday of June every year on the Detroit River

  6. The Eastern Market located n Russell Street in Detroit

  7. Hart Plaza in downtown Detroit

  8. The international festivals every weekend during the summer at Hart plaza in Detroit

  9. Vernor Ginger Ale made and bottled by the Pepsi company in Detroit

  10. All The Museums ,Charles H. Wright,Art,Motown,The First Congregational Church Living Museum etc. all located in Detroit

  11. All of the beautiful people and places that make up Detroit

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