Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Welcome 2010 Today is the first day of a New Year"My New Years Resolution is...."

Every year we all take this vow whet er it be to lose weight,make more money or spend more time with family and friends it is something we all do and then worry and stress ourselves out if when don't accomplish everything we have vowed to do...However have you ever taken a moment to read the definition of the word resolution ?? If not I have taken a moment to look it up and this is the definition I found in the Webster Dictionary and Thesaurus for the word Resolution:

Resolution[rez-ol-oo'sh(o)n], act of resolving; analysis; solution; state of being resolved; fixed determination; that which is resolved.

As Professional Wedding and Special Event planners this is something we do for each wedding and special event that we plan,coordinate and execute.

  1. We Resolve and make analysis of all problems of less than nearly perfect situations.

  2. We find a solution when none is is sight.

  3. We determine what is best for our clients when they are overwhelmed and can't make the decision for themselves.

So the next time some one ask me what is you New Years resolution I'm goint to reply "I am a Professional Wedding Planner and for each and every client I will continue to resolve problems,make solutions,determine what is best for them"

So don't stress yourself out if you don't lose all the weight as long as you are healthy, remember your family and friends know that you love them and sometimes to make more money it may require you to be away when you really don't want too so make the best of the time that you do spend with them.

2010 I'm all in it's all or nothing giving and receiving 100%...Not 50% ,9o%but 100% in family, love, life, friendship and business! Let's go!

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