Tuesday, June 22, 2010


We all have a one person in our lives that we share all of our secrets, hopes and dreams with well for me I have been sharing all of this with one person all of my life and when I say all of my life I REALLY mean just that...

I can talk to this person for hours upon hours when time allows we have laughed and cried together and shared many many secrets during one conversation she told me she "never had a birthday party" after being on this earth for 74 years I could not believe that my Grandmother my best friend had never had a birthday party so there was absolutely no thought about it there was going to be a surprise 75th birthday party for my Best friend!!

( The Invitation)

Let the planning begin.....I enlisted the help of some very amazing vendors in West Virginia
Lady D and the Mission
( Performed for President Barack Obama at his Inauguration)

Special Touches Catering

Planning this party was quite difficult not the actual planning but keeping a secret from the one person you tell everything for almost 8 months is NOT easy... During this time she wanted me to travel with her however; I had to tell her I could not go and she wanted details and when I didn't give her the specifics she thought I was "acting funny "

She vented to some of her friends whom was in cahoots the entire time and they had to also come up with things to tell her which at times frustrated her even more.. Fast forward so here we are down to the wire the party completely planned so this is how the week panned out....

Friday June 5, 2010:
My family and depart Michigan at 7:30 a.m. heading to Princeton, West Virginia (oh did I forget to mention the party was not in Detroit but in West Virginia)

I carried with me a two tiered birthday cake,table linens and chair covers for 110 guest, 10 dozen Cortozone long stemmed red roses in addition to all of the vases candles and anything else I needed to set-up for this party.

We arrived around 3:30 p.m. and I began setting- up the conference room at the hotel Finally around 10 p.m.my job was done however during the set-up Grandma called ( Has decided she is not going out with her friend because it is suppose to be a storm on Saturday!! WHAT pump the brakes this is the same friend that has been assigned to getting her to her Surprise birthday party!! Let the praying begin... She had no idea her entire family was in a hotel just 45 minutes away!!!

Saturday June 6, 2010 :
The Final touches had been added and guest begin arriving people traveled far and wide for (Michigan,Atlanta,North Carolina, Virginia, New York and California)to name a few!!
Now it is the final count down and this is what happened next...


Next she humbly asked " Is this for me?"

Special Thank yous to the amazing vendors that helped make this a very special
birthday party.

Special Touches Cake & Catering
Chair Covers & Linens

Lady D & The Mission

Sweet Dreams Bakery

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