Saturday, April 2, 2011

Social Media Marketing


One of the biggest question that most small business owners including myself has asked time and time again when and where should we market our business???

Most small business owners do not have several hundred dollars to spend on advertising each month and yes it costs that much especially if you want to do a print add not to mention the thousands of dollars you can spend if you want to do a television commercial....I've done both.

So in a quest to find the answer this question I have done a lot of research and speaking with other business owners o find out what have they found that has been both affordable and has most beneficial for them and the next best thing besides word of mouth has been Social Media  Marketing so whether you decide to use Twitter,Face-book,  Blog,Stumble Upon,Linkedin, Google or any of the other Social Media outlets make sure you do something to get your business name and services out there I came across the video that answered a lot of questions for me and hopefully it will help you too you might want to grab a pen and  paper to jot down a few notes!

Good luck on you journey in Social Media Marketing!

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