Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tea CupTuesday: Royal Weddings

With the upcoming Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton I wanted to share with you over a cup of tea a list of some of the weddings that I consider to be "Royal Weddings" some on the list are not actual Royals but I consider them to be....

Princess Alexandra Mary & Prince Philippos Mountbatten 
(Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip)
November 20, 1947
Westminster Abbey, London England
Wedding Dress designer: Norman Harwell

Photo Credits:Telegraph.co.uk
Coretta Scott & Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 
June 18, 1953
Lawn of Coretta's Parents
Marion, Alabama
Photo Credit: Munaluchi Bridal

Jacquline Lee Bouvier & John Fritzgerald Kennedy
( President John F. Kennedy & First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy)
September 12, 1953
St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church
New Port, Rhode Island
Wedding Dress designer: Ann Lowe
Photo Credit: JFK Library
Photo Credit: JFK Library  

Grace Patricia Kelly & Prince Rainier
(Prince Rainier & Princess Grace)
April 18, 1956
(Civil Ceremony)
Palace Throne Room of Monaco 
April 19, 1956
(Religious Ceremony)
Saint Nicolas Cathedral of Monaco
Wedding Dress designer: Helen Rose
Photo Credit:  Huffington Post

Photo Credit: Huffington Post

Photo Credit: Huffington Post
Photo Credit: Hufffington Post
 Look at this lovely Sweetheart table simple but oh so elegant...

Diana Frances Spencer & Charles Philip Artur George
(Prince Charles & Princess Diana)
July 29, 1981
St. Paul's Cathedral
Wedding Dress designer : Elizabeth Emanuel
Photo Credit: Guardian.co.uk

Photo Credit: Guardian.co.uk  

Photo Credit: www.mlive.com

Michelle LaVaughn Robinson & Barack Hussein Obama
(President Barack & First Lady Michelle Obama)
October 3,1992
  Trinity United Church of Christ
Photo Credit: Weddingsbycolor.com
Photo Credit: Guardia..co.uk
Photo Credit: Guardian.co.uk
Although these last two pictures  President Barack Obama and First lady Michelle Obama are not their actual wedding pictures the attire worn by the two of them on the night of the Inauguration Ball has been the inspiration of many couples getting married. They looked absolutely stunning!

Sara Ferguson & Prince Andrew
(Prince Andy & Princess Fergie)
July 23, 1986
Westminster Abbey, London England
Wedding Dress designer: Lindka Cierach

Catherine Elizabeth Middleton & William Arthur Phillip Louis
April 29, 2011
Westminster Abbey, London England
To be Continued.....


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