Monday, February 18, 2013

Alternatives to the Bridal Veil

This time of year  9 years ago I was in full wedding planning mode and shopping for my dream wedding attire. With so many couples getting engaged these last few months and  winding down after Valentines Day last week I pulled out my wedding album this weekend to reminisce about my wedding day and thought of how much love filled the air, all of the wonderful guests we had and how much fun it was.

 As  I looked at my photographs I began to think wait a minute it was a bit painful being that it was my wedding day and I had to have everything my heart desired I didn't complain... You see it began many years ago when I first laid my eyes on Princess Grace Kelly wedding photographs I knew then that when I got married I had to have a Mantilla Veil (Princess Grace actually wore her Mantilla as a Drop veil with a Juliet cap).

Instead of a Juliet Cap I chose a tiara which both my Mantilla and my tiara had to be secured to my head with hair pins.... Thus the pain began.... The first twinge of pain was when my new husband went in for that long awaited "now you may kiss your bride" my handsome Groom went in for his kiss with a big hug and all the  kiss it  landed perfectly and was wonderful however his arm landed on my back and pulled at my veil which was attached to a tiara that was attached to my hair being that my adrenaline was pumping I felt  the pull a little bit no big deal I was more focused on that kiss!!

As short time later we conducted our receiving line with more than 168 guests most of whom all went in for that congratulatory hug and most of whom tugged and pulled at that damn veil...  I know your thinking well why didn't you take the veil off ?  There is a story behind that you see my grandmother brought me that I must have to die for I can't get married if I don't have this veil and spent all of $475 for it not including the tiara as she paid for it she uttered the words "I don't care what you do you better wear that veil all night!" Then gave me that I don't want no mess look!

Here we are on our wedding day almost 9 years ago getting our kiss on and his arm meeting my beloved Mantilla veil.

After my experience I vowed that when I renewed my vows I would wear some sort of a head piece but it would definitely be something less painful. Below are a few alternatives I absolutely loved however; I would never wear and " Mini Antler Hat" but I did think it was absolutely adorable. So which one of these looks do you think I will be wearing next year (leave your comment below)??? One thing is for sure I will be wearing one of these looks when I renew my vows  you  will have to check back in next year to find out what I chose!

The Bridal Mask by Tom Banwell
Photo Credit: Etsy

Mini Bridal Hat by Fine & Fleurie

Photo Credit : Jenna McKenzie Photography

Mini Antler Hat by Fine & Fleurie
Photo Credit : Laura Fulmer Photography

The Juliet Cap by Melinda Rose Design

Photo Credit: Altas &  Elia Photography

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