Friday, May 3, 2013

Be Nice to the Wedding Planner or You Might Get Burned!

The other day I had lunch with one of my past Brides during the lunch she started to laugh and asked "Do you remember the lady at my wedding that....?" Immediately I knew who and what she was talking about and I had to laugh it off myself you'll see why further into this post.

2009 I was hired by this Bride and her fiancee to be their full service wedding planner through out the entire process the Bride expressed to me how excited she was about her reception and how she REALLY wanted to enjoy it especially her dinner.... As most of us Wedding Planners know a couple being able to relax to enjoy their meal at their wedding reception is sometimes impossible this is normally the time where guests feel it's the best time to get their well wishes and one on one time in with the couple.

My clients  and I sat down and discussed in dept the reasons why they did not want their dinner disturbed and how could we come up with a solution to inform guests but also do it in a tactful manner that was not overbearing. I suggested to them that the DJ make the following announcement after the Blessing of the dinner " Please refrain from approaching the Bride and Groom at this time please allow them to enjoy their very first candle light dinner as husband and wife as they have had a long day following their dinner they will personally come around to each table to greet all their guest." Believe it or not quite a few of the guest immediately begin to say "I'm glad someone made that announcement because they need to eat...."

Well as to be expected there were a few that felt they were exempt from this request and like clock work started to approach the Bride and the Groom,  being that I had a job to do I politely reminded these guest of their request most respected it and moved on. Then there came the co worker who just so happen to have been late coming to the wedding, wore white and to top  it all off had the I will do what I want when I want attitude so I already knew what to expect with her.  She approached with her throw away camera in hand and began to reach over the table as I reached in to assist her she snapped "Don't Touch ME!" I said "OK but your sleeve is on fire!" and walked away.... 

You see another reason we decided not to have guest approach the table was  the Bride and Groom wanted a candle light dinner beyond their dreams and  had an elaborate candle design on their head-table. They did not want to give up their dream of an amazing candle light dinner this was their moment and did not want anyone to get burned... So to prevent this they asked me to politely ask the guest  that approached to please move on so they won't get burned by any of the candles on their table.

Now I can't speak for anyone else but when I see someone on fire my first impulse is to put out the fire but since this person didn't want me to touch her she ended  watching everyone else dancing the night away embarrassed in a burned and scorched white suit jacket.... 

So the bottom line is  please let us do our jobs!  If  you are invited to a wedding or any special event please be kind to the Wedding/Event Planner we are only doing the job that we have been hired and paid to do all the decision we make are based on what the bride and groom or the event host has asked us to do and we are the ones that know the reasons behind why something is or isn't happening. Please know that our goal is to make sure that our clients and their guests are happy, safe, enjoying the celebration and having the time of their lives!

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the Celebration!

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