Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Wedding Flower of the Month: Lily of the Valley

Photo Credit: Michelle Rago
Lily of the Valley is the birth flower of May the meaning of Lily of the Valley: Sweetness, return to happiness, delicacy and chastity it is also know as the "May flower" or "the Ladder to Heaven".  In the Bible the Lily of the Valley was mentioned 15 times most often in the song of Solomon it is also said to be the tears that the Virgin Mary wept at the Cross of Christ.

The Lily of the Valley is available year round and it quite expensive it has a very fragrant scent and comes in white and in a very rare pink the Lily of the Valley is not a recommend flower to carry as a wedding bouquet it is best used as a filler or accent flower.

Today the Lily of the Valley is also know as the flower used in the bouquet that Kate Middleton carried in her wedding bouquet when she married Prince William but before Kate Middleton carried them they were carried in the bouquet of my all time favorite bride and in my opinion the most beautiful bride ever and whom I named my little one after "Grace" Kelly also known as Princess Grace the American Princess.

I'm so excited the leaves have emerged from the soil and every year I look forward to seeing these flowers bloom in my flower bed hopefully any day now ... Here is a hint if you plant in your flower garden keep in mind that the Lily of the Valley is an invasive plant and will overtake other flowers and should be planted in containers or along a barrier. 

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