Monday, September 2, 2013

September Flower of the Month : Aster

Photo Credit: Botanic-Art

Aster is the birth flower of those born in September it is said that when the Virgo sprinkle stardust on the earth the star burst -shaped Aster was created. The Aster is available from November until May however they can be imported from South America year round. The Aster is a fragrance less flower however the perfume of the dried and burned flower is believed to ward off evil. This moderately in priced flower  is available in a variety of shades from white, pink, yellow  to deep purple.

Meaning of Aster: Daintiness, love, patience and good luck.

Fun note: The Aster is often give to lovers as a love charm and believed to hold mystical power to draw out love and affection.

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