Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Say it with a Nib...The fine skill of Calligraphy

I have always loved writing and the look of beautiful penmanship so it was no surprise that I have always had this fascination with Calligraphy my mother has some of the most beautiful handwriting and I have always tried to imitate her handwriting so when I came across one of her note books of poems I was absolutely awestruck not only was the handwriting beautiful but so was the words (I personally think she should publish her work not because she is my mother but because it is amazing she says no… )

So this year I decided I would learn Calligraphy and trust me it is a whole new world I had to learn what a nib was, spacing of letters, types of ink, the many different styles of Calligraphy, and when and how to flourish and not to mention the countless hours of PRACTICE!! My fingers hurt and I never had cramps in my hands until I took that class I had to learn to breathe as well as learn the pressure points I could go on and on but none the less I am so glad I took it upon myself to learn a new skill it has been worth every hand cramp along this amazing journey…..What next on my journeys learning a new language can you guess what that might be until next time…

Au re-voir

Say it with a Nib...The Fine skill of Calligraphy

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