Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Holidays are coming some of my all time favorite Holiday Commericals.

I absolutely love the Christmas holiday season the shopping, Christmas lights,decorations, decorating the house and Christmas tree, the music, gift wrapping,cooking, spending time with family and friends,holiday cartoons, TV specials and of course all of the heartfelt and funny holiday commercials these commercials bring back so many great memories and I wanted to share my favorites..

An-heusre Busch 1976 & Miller Commericals
No I'm not a drinker but these are is an absolutely beautiful commercials!

Miller High life featuring the Trans Siberian Orchestra

Two of my favorite things during the holiday that I can't go with out are hundreds of holiday lights and The Trans Siberian Orchestra ( I have two copies of this Cd just in case one gets scratched)!

Coke Cola (Holiday's are Coming)
I know every word of the song!!

Campbell's Soup

I remember the rare occasions my parents would let me walk home from school during the winter and when i got home I would be froze no matter hoiw many layers mom dressed me in i felt like a little snowgirl but that warm soup made it all better still one of my family's favorite things to eat during the winter and when we are sick!

Folgers (Peter's Home)

I would tear up every time I would see this commercial the look on the mom's face when she see her son priceless I know as a mom I too will one day have the same emotion when one of my Butterflies return home for the holidays.

My absolute all time favorite holiday commercial....
The Red M&M meets Santa Claus!

I know I would do the same thing if I saw either of the two Santa or The Red or any M&M delivering Christmas gifts in my home I absolutely love this commercial so funny!

I hope you enjoyed these commercials please comment I would love to hear about your favorite holiday commercial..

Happy Holidays!

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