Friday, July 8, 2011

The Meaning of Roses......

John Henry
I have been holding on to this post card for almost 3 years  from John Henry Floral ... Why you ask ?? Well I love this post card because I love the question it asks you and I love the answer(s) even more! It has helped me  and now I want to share it and help you!  How many times have you  had someone ask this question What is the meaning of the red rose?? or Do you know the meaning of the yellow rose? Well today I want to answer that pending question for you so the next time someone ask you what the meaning of any of these ten plus one roses you will have the answer :
  1. Red Rose: Love, Passion,Respect, I love you
  2. Purple Rose: Reward of virtue, Worthy of Royalty
  3. Burgundy: Unconscious beauty, Beauty within
  4. Lavender: Affection. Enchantment
  5. Green: Envy, infactation
  6. Magenta: Encouragement, Message of Love
  7. Yellow: Joy ,Friendship, Let us forget
  8. Light Pink: Grace,Friendship, Joy
  9. Dark Pink: Thankfulness
  10. Orange: Variety,Creativity,Fascination
  11. Peach : Desire Gratitude, Appreciation
Anything outside these 11 colors your on your own!

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