Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Candy Colored Gemstones!

I was cooking dinner and listening to the television when I heard a familiar tune "I Want Candy" I  looked at the television I saw some of the most stunning Candy Colored Diamonds & Gemstones!

 I had to get my sweet tooth fix and last night it was from Zales Candy Colored Diamond & Gemstones! Begin that one of my favorite candies is M&M's I chose to use that as my color palette for this post! Inspiration comes from everywhere even M&M's. With engagement season right around the corner I think that these are some delicious color choices that would have any girl or guy (yes they do have a mens collection also) screaming I WANT CANDY!

My two favorites M&M's are Blue (Sapphire is my birthstone) and of course Chocolate because I LOVE Candy especially chocolate!

I shared with you mines now share with me your please a comment and let me know which one of these are your favorite M&Ms!

Red M&M aka Ruby
Orange M&M aka Orange Sapphire
Chocolate M&M aka Chocolate diamond
Blue M&M Blue Diamond
Yellow M&M aka Yellow diamond
Green M&M aka Emerald

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