Friday, January 25, 2013

Pass the Smelling Salts please...

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As a Wedding Planner it is my goal to make sure that every thing runs smoothly at my clients weddings and events; however one of my biggest fears came true not once but twice so far during my career as a wedding planner. We double check lists, confirm vendors  finalize the smallest and slightest details but one can never predict when someone will faint!

When someone faints it causes an immediate reaction from the the bridal party, the guests, and almost every one in attendance as a planner it's your job to keep everyone calm and things running  as smoothly as possible.

Here are a few tips that I have used to help me remain in control of the situation.

  1. Through out the planning process always remind your clients the importance of remaining stress-free.
  2. Remind the clients and the bridal party to stay hydrated.
  3. The day of the wedding constantly remind the Bridal Party to EAT! It  doesn't have to be a five course meal but they do need to eat something light and nutritious
  4. Before each member of the Bridal Party walks down the aisle I always whisper "don't lock your knees" Why you ask? Well if you stand for a long the heart has trouble generating enough pressure to pump blood all the way to the feet and then push it all the way  back up to the heart. Instead, the heart relies on the squeezing action of muscles in the legs to push blood back up the legs.When people stand with their knees "locked" they let the knee joint bend backward which immobilizes all the muscles in the legs. Blood can't return from the legs so blood pressure in the brain drops and the brains takes a little nap. Keeping your knees bent even slightly causes you to constantly flex your leg muscles to keep balance. This pumps the blood and prevents fainting and blackouts.
So follow these four tips and hopefully you won't be the one saying "Pass the Smelling Salt PLEASE!

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